I learned how to shoot and edit videos for the web while at Medill after taking a Digital Storytelling class taught by Caryn Brooks. Since then, I created many videos during my internship at buildOn and I continue experimenting with Adobe PremierePro.


I made several videos for the staff at buildOn while I was working at buildOn. Many of them were featured in the organization’s blog.

This is a video I co-produced with my colleague, Srijan Tamraker, in under five days. We were tasked to create a video for Madonna so she could see the impact her organization, Raising Malawi, had made by donating money to buildOn. I wrote the script and narrated the video, and Srijan did the rest.

This video is about the Voices of buildOn, a day of art with the student volunteers organized by the nonprofit’s programmers. The event was was created to highlight how buildOn volunteers interpret the program’s mission of empowerment through education.

buildOn staffers told me about an idea they had: they wanted to make a Real World confessional-like video about their students going to Malawi to build a school. They interviewed their students before and after going the trip, and asked me to edit the footage together so they could present the video to other students as an educational tool.


Class Projects

I created a three part series about the Little Village Boys and Girls Club.

Audio for the Web

I have experience making audio slideshows in Adobe PremierePro and Soundbooth. I also took an Audio for the web class, where I edited this story with Reaper. This news piece is about nonprofit Enlace‘s struggle to mobilize groups in Little Village in a push for a bill that would automatically expunge juvenile records.

Chicago Loopster

This is an audio slideshow I made about gentrification in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood for Medill’s Chicago Loopster website. The site is produced by students in Medill’s Producing a News Website class.

A video about how local bikers brave Chicago winters:

I created this supplemental video for an informational story I wrote about the rise and popularity of Chicago’s trendy barre workout.